Vinyl Gloves: What are the concerns?

Can you be allergic to vinyl gloves?

Certain workers appear to be allergic with the gloves that they wear. They’re wearing disposable gloves made from vinyl or latex. What’s the cause and what can be done to prevent them?

Allergies to vinyl gloves are very rare. In most cases the issue is contact urticaria. This is a minor skin irritation that is caused by sweat and a lack of ventilation within the glove.

Vinyl, also known as polyvinyl chloride, or PVC is one of the most commonly used materials for making gloves for examinations. The concerns about exam gloves made of vinyl may be related to three different aspects of the glove’s use manufacturing, usage and disposal.

How likely can you be allergic to vinyl gloves?

A reaction to the vinyl gloves is near impossible to find. Because they are synthetic, they are not prone to the sensitization and allergic reactions due with natural rubber latex (NRL) gloves. In addition, the vinyl gloves of Hebei Shouzheng can be powder-free and accelerator-free.

The possibility of an allergic reaction to gloves made of vinyl is very uncommon, and much less frequent than latex allergy and chemical sensitivity triggered by accelerators. That’s the reason why many of our customers like our range of vinyl gloves. Hebei Shouzheng vinyl gloves are free of accelerators, powder-free and latex-free. They’re constructed with a low-friction outer coating made of polymer, which allows for easy wearing and removal. With wrists tapered to provide a more comfortable fitting and beaded cuffs that offer additional durability and tear resistance Hebei Shouzheng’s woven vinyl gloves give you the highest levels of protection and comfort.

Powder free

Vinyl Gloves made of powder free don’t contain any trace of powder in the glove. The powder, while making it simpler to put on and remove gloves, may result in contamination of the surfaces and materials at work and, sometimes, it can cause irritation for wearers. Gloves that are powdered are the most significant danger factor for occupational airborne contaminants that is why powder-free gloves are frequently preferred by a majority of our customers from Hebei Shouzheng.


A lot of glove-related allergies are caused by chemical reactions or sensitivity that is that is caused by accelerators made of chemicals employed in the production of certain gloves, for example, certain gloves made of nitrile. The production of gloves that are accelerator-free means there are no accelerators made of chemicals which means that they don’t pose this particular danger to the wearer.

If an allergic reaction occurs to vinyl gloves happens in your workplace, it is most likely to be due to contact urticaria. It is a skin irritation that usually is the result of sweating and can be aggravated by insufficient ventilation in the glove. All water-proof gloves such as vinyl gloves can cause contact urticaria. However moisture-wicking fabrics can lessen the chance for those who are particularly sensitive and prone to urticaria-related contact and other skin conditions like eczema.

Signs of an allergic reaction to vinyl gloves?

Contact urticaria is a quick localized reaction that can cause swelling and redness of the skin following exposure to the offending substance or substance. If there is a reaction while wearing disposable vinyl gloves, it’s typically moderate and can be dealt with by taking off the gloves, washing hands and let them dry.

Another possible cause of sensitization or allergic reaction wearing gloves made of vinyl could be leakage. While vinyl gloves shield the hands from a variety of chemicals and irritants however, they may begin to leak if worn too long, and are not recommended to be worn in situations where contact with chemicals that are stronger is expected. Leaks could allow chemicals to come in contact with skin, this is the reason why gloves made of vinyl must be changed regularly and should be removed immediately and replaced if they are damaged or damaged.

Vinyl gloves from Hebei Shouzheng are accelerator free and powder-free, which means they’re an excellent disposable glove option for people who are sensitive to chemicals or latex. But they’re less durable than their alternatives, and are not suitable for use in conjunction with oily foods or fatty food items or when there are strong chemicals involved. Nitrile gloves and latex gloves make up the two most durable disposable gloves that are readily available, in the event that the vinyl gloves be unsuitable for your needs.


 Latex gloves are very elastic and offer users an excellent degree of touch sensitivity and dexterity. They are frequently called medical grade and are preferred in healthcare including tattooing, dentistry, and other areas in which a second skin feel is essential. Due to the potential for sensitization and allergy to latex however it is recommended that the Health and Safety Executive of the United Kingdom recommends avoiding the use of latex gloves in healthcare facilities and hospitals. Low-protein, powder-free latex gloves are a solution offered from the Hebei Shouzheng range, which lower the possibility of allergic reactions and sensitization for the wearer and anyone who come in contact with.


Nitrile gloves are constructed of a synthetic material that is not just free of latex, but is generally more durable, chemical resistant and less susceptible to breaking and puncturing than vinyl and latex gloves. The most durable of disposable gloves Nitrile gloves provide superior levels of protection for wearers and are preferred when working with abrasive substances and some chemicals. A majority of nitrile gloves are manufactured with accelerators made of chemical that can cause reactions and sensitivity for some users. To ensure the highest degree of protection and comfort for our customers Hebei Shouzheng has a variety of different nitrile gloves without accelerators.

What should you do to avoid allergies or irritations?

What can you do to minimize the risk if can you be allergic to vinyl gloves is described below:

  • Members of the team can pick the gloves they wear carefully, and only use latex when it is necessary. If gloves that are free of latex aren’t readily available the team members must ask for them.
  • In the event that latex gloves seem to be your only option, request low protein gloves, or powder-free gloves.
  • Avoid hand creams that contain oil for latex gloves because they can increase the chance of having a reaction.
  • After you have used the nursing facility and the gloves are removed, you must thoroughly clean your hands with mild soap and dry your hands thoroughly afterward.
  • Be aware of what the signs and symptoms of latex intolerance or allergy are, so you can manage them effectively and stop the symptoms from becoming worse.
Concerns about manufacturing vinyl products include:

1) That PVC will be made from the monomer vinyl chloride, an extremely poisonous substance that is known as a carcinogen in humans.

 2) That dioxin, a different human carcinogen, and a long-lasting bioaccumulative toxic compound (PBT) could be released as an unintentional product of PVC production.

When you are using vinyl gloves there are two aspects to take into consideration:

  • There are a number of studies that suggest the fact that PVC medical gloves aren’t as strong a barrier against pathogens transmitted by blood than other kinds of gloves. Since the primary purpose behind using medical gloves is security, it is essential to be aware of the barrier’s performance when selecting the gloves.
  • Although there isn’t any evidence of a particular health risk for wearers of vinyl gloves, evidence suggests that in a few circumstances, there could be reactions to contact dermatitis that are allergic to specific additives found in PVC plastic.

Although there isn’t any evidence of a particular health risk for wearers of vinyl gloves, evidence suggests that in a few circumstances, there could be reactions to contact dermatitis that are allergic to specific additives found in PVC plastic.


As a leading manufacturer of vinyl gloves and with only a few years of experience in the industry, Hebei Shouzheng is dedicated to providing our customers with a variety of premium and affordable security glove options.

Hebei Shouzheng’s gloves made of vinyl are made to be extremely flexible, yet comfortable to wear. This is safeguarding your employees’ hands from the occupational hazard in addition to the everyday rigors of protective glove wear.

This is the guide that will provide everything you need to be aware of regarding reactions to skin irritation and allergic reactions caused by the use of vinyl gloves and the best way to avoid them. Contact our team, or browse our product guides to locate the right vinyl gloves to use now.

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