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Basic knowledge about disposable gloves

What is nitrile gloves

Nitrile is a synthetic rubber compound that’s produced when butadiene and acrylonitrile molecules are combined. Nitrile gloves have become an affordable, effective material to be used as gloves.
Nitrile gloves began as an alternative for people who were allergic to latex.Since they are highly resistant to chemicals as well as wear and tear, this has made them become a very popular choice for gloves in a variety of situations. It was thanks to two men – Neil Tillitson and Luc DeBecker – for the invention of nitrile gloves, which occurred in the 1980s. They established the final formula and technique for nitrile glove manufacturing in 1990.
Nitrile gloves do have benefits over other types of glove materials, such as latex. This is because they have a high puncture resistance and can also resist chemicals better than latex and even vinyl.

What is vinyl nitrile blend gloves

The Vinyl Nitrile Blend glove is a new type of synthetic glove that was developed based on the vinyl gloves production technology. Its’ material is compounded with PVC paste and Nitrile, so the finished production has the advantage of both PVC and Nitrile gloves.
Vinyl Nitrile Blend gloves containing no natural latex protein, causing no allergies, and offering affordable and effective safety and hygiene in various work environments for both medical and industrial applications.
Comparing with the vinyl gloves, the Vinyl Nitrile Blend gloves can better satisfy the user’s demands, it feels softer, more flexible and more comfortable than pure vinyl gloves.And price is much cheaper than pure nitrile gloves.

What is vinyl gloves

Vinyl gloves are made from PVC (polyvinyl chloride), a petroleum-based film, and plasticizers. For decades, they have been used by hospitals and other industries as one of the first synthetic rubber materials on the market. Also, they were the first synthetic alternative available to the consumer, offering an allergy free option to latex. Because they do not pose the same allergy risk as latex or natural rubber alternatives, this makes them an attractive option for food prep and employee safety.
Disposable vinyl gloves are inexpensive but highly susceptible to tears and punctures, which leads to a greater risk of contamination. However, they can ensure a level of safety if the thickness of the product is adequate. Usually, they are the cheapest latex-free glove option.

Real factory environment

We have 15 production lines of nitrile gloves, 12 production lines of nitrile blend gloves, 11 production lines of vinyl gloves, 8 production lines of latex gloves, and a total of more than 40 production lines of disposable gloves, with a daily production capacity of 18 million pc

Estimated manufacturing and shipping times

We have a complete production system, quality inspection system, and transportation system. After you place an order, we will issue a production schedule to the factory. The production cycle is 5-7 days. After the production is completed, a professional quality inspection department will check whether the product is qualified. Packaged and shipped after delivery. During the transportation of the goods, we will monitor the status information of the goods in real time.

1 Manufacturing

we refine and optimize whole manufacturing procedure and with high production capacity and strick inspection ,more than 1 million pcs of each per week.

2 QC System

Our professional QC department will have a test before shipping.If there is more than 12pcs  broke,we will re-prduction.

packaging for handmade gloves
3 Package

Our package is 100pcs/box  10boxes/carton.We can do customized box as  your design.

4 Shipment

We have professional workers who will load the goods into containers.
It will take 3-4days for export declaration and goods loading TIANJIN port.

5 Transportation time

Take European countires as example, by sea 20-30days, by air one week. For exact time shipping time, please check with us.

6 Deliver

A cooperation lifelong friend

Free sample trial

If you need wholesale disposable gloves products, we can send you samples to check our quality.

Customer Reviews

I work with Shouzheng since 2014 , they have professional RD team ensureing we are selling the best quality gloves in our market, we always get good feedback from our local clients of hospital and clinic.
-----from The United States
The gloves of Shouzheng are quite competitive, they can ship to me in time every time, and their QC team is very strict, which provides a great quality assurance for me.
---from France
It was a pleasure to work with one of the biggest gloves factory in China. Shouzheng really helped us a lot during the epidemic, thank God, and I hope we can still win together in the future.
---from South Africa
Shouzheng has mature gloves brands, and is a professional kinds of disposable gloves technology company, so it is very reassuring to work with them.
---from The Saudi Arabia
Shouzheng has been cooperating with me for 3 years, the supply is very timely, the delivery speed is very fast, and my price is more competitive in the market.
---from Korea
We are selling our own brand gloves for 2 years, Shouzheng always give us best price and fastest delivery. They are reliable Chinese supplier and disposable gloves factory.
---from Russia

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