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Nitrile Gloves

Disposable nitrile gloves provide outstanding performance in several work applications and across several industries. Nitrile disposable gloves are standard options for latex gloves in several professions. There are many why disposable nitrile gloves are an excellent choice for demanding jobs. Nitrile gloves are about three times more puncture resistant than latex gloves. This ability makes them the most preferred glove, mainly when there is a risk of exposure to blood-borne pathogens or other environmentally dangerous contaminants.
They are usually referred to as Medical Grade gloves ,Nitrile Examination Gloves are designed for oral use, general care, ambulatory use and cleaning use. They have thick and textured fingertips for extra protection. They also have great puncture resistance. Easy doffing and donning thanks to their Beaded Cuffs.
Nitrile gloves have a longer shelf-life than latex.
Nitrile is resistant to most household chemicals and is not easily punctured or ripped. It’s safe to use in tasks that deal with sharp items, like cleaning up glass shards. Nitrile gloves are flexible, durable, and offer protection against bacteria and viruses.

Nitrile Gloves Production Process And Characteristics

The production process of nitrile gloves: the material of nitrile gloves is nitrile rubber, which is obtained by emulsion polymerization of butadiene and acrylonitrile. Its products have excellent oil resistance, high wear resistance and good heat resistance. It is made of high-quality nitrile rubber and other additives, and is refined and processed; it does not contain protein, has no allergic reaction to human skin, is non-toxic, harmless, durable, and has good adhesion. The advantages of nitrile gloves are acid, alkali, non-toxic, harmless and odorless. The inner layer of the glove is smooth and easy to wear, and the outer layer of the glove has a certain coefficient of friction, which is convenient to use.
Wide range of applications, housework, electronics, chemical, aquaculture, glass, food and other factory protection, hospitals, scientific research and other industries.

Product Details

Name Nitrile Gloves
Material Nitrile Rubber
Types of gloves Industrial, Food, Medical
Color blue,black,White
Model Number S,M,L,XL
Specification 9Inches
Standard Weight(±0.3g) S-3g
Elongation Rate% ≥400%

Nitrile Gloves Quality Test

Nitrile gloves are resistant to a certain pH, provide good chemical protection against corrosive substances such as solvents and petroleum, have good physical properties, and have good tear resistance, puncture resistance and friction resistance.

Pull test
Hanging water test
Puncture test
Air tightness test

Applications for Nitrile Gloves

Nitrile gloves are the best choice for food, auto repair, medical, beauty, electronics and other industries. Cost-effective, powder-free, effective in preventing allergies, meeting hygiene and food safety standards, easy to put on and take off, and can be used on both hands.
Puncture-resistant, oil-resistant, solvent-resistant, types are: smooth, finger numb, general anesthesia, diamond numb nitrile gloves.. Colors are blue, black, white, and have wide range of applications.

Nitrile Gloves Size Correspondence Table

According to the hand type code selection,
Measurement method: Straighten the palm, connect the thumb and index finger to the outside of the palm, and measure the palm width to obtain the width of the palm, and select the corresponding size.

Hand width 8-9CM-please choose size S

Hand width 9-10CM-please choose size M

Hand width 10-11CM-please choose size L

Hand width 11-12CM-please choose size XL

Remarks: The actual width must be based on the scale of the ruler, and the width of the thumb is not counted when measuring.

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