Nitrile gloves wholesale

Name:     Nitrile Gloves

Size:         S M L XL 

Weight:   S: 3.0g ,  M: 3.5g ,  L: 4g ,  XL: 4.5g 

Type:       Powder free / Powdered

Color:      Blue

Material: Nitrile

Logo:       Packaging can be customized

Customized: Support custom logo package

Package: 100 pcs/box,,   10 boxes/ctn

Function:Hand protection

Application:   Housework, Clean, Gardening,electron industry,Maintenance, Construction, Engineering, Plumbing, Assembly Industry, Automotive Manufacturing, Packaging, Electronics, Glass Industry etc. 

 Advantages:  Short delivery time and competitive price.We have our own factory for Nitrile Gloves.

1. Use Durable nitrile butadiene rubber 2. Safety certificate 3. Good elasticity, not easily damaged 4. Resistance to puncture 5. Agile 6. Use Non-slip finger hemp

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Wholesale disposable nitrile gloves

disposable gloves are perfect for general cleaning, handling hazardous materials, working with chemicals, preparing foods, handling corrosive liquids or when coming in contact with bodily fluids. Choose from a wide array of sizes, colors and thicknesses. Disposable gloves are a great way to protect hands while maintaining dexterity on the job.

As the premiere online wholesale distributor of nitrile gloves our vision is to create enduring customer relationships by offering small business and medical professionals the best value, comfort and protection they require from their disposable gloves. Selecting the right glove is not an easy task given challenges faced by healthcare workers or professionals in the medical, dental, food and auto industries. There are a number of factors and issues to consider when purchasing protective gloves. Rest assured you can count on our glove professionals to help you make the right choice today.

High level chemical resistance with nitrile disposable gloves

If your situation calls for a high level of resistance to chemicals, gloves made from nitrile, a synthetic rubber material, are ideal. This is one of the key advantages of nitrile disposable gloves, allowing them to tolerate acids, oils, grease, fossil fuels and more. Nitrile performs well as automotive mechanics gloves for auto repair because they provide an excellent grip plus grease/fluids protection combined with maximum hand dexterity. You’ll also find them in a variety of manufacturing and other applications like safety, janitorial and sanitation industries.

Superior puncture resistance in nitrile disposable gloves

Nitrile’s puncture resistance makes the material a strong ally in the medical industry where durability, strength, reliability are required. Nitrile is as much as five times more puncture resistant than latex, and has been adopted as the most popular latex-free substitute in healthcare environments. Nitrile disposable gloves are approved by the food and drug administration for medical use and are especially noted for barrier protection against bloodborne pathogens. In addition, more recognition has been given to potential latex allergies in healthcare workers, with nitrile filling an important role.

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Resistance to puncture



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