PVC Gloves

Name:    Disposable vinyl gloves

Type:      Powder free / powdered

Color:     Clear, blue, black color

Material:   PVC

Grade:    Industrial, food grade etc.

Size:       S/M/L/XL

Package: 100 pcs/box, 10 boxes/ctn

Feature:  Atoxic, Light, disposable, convenient, dust-proof, oil-proof, dirt-proof, etc.

Application:  Our gloves can be used in a variety of professions. Such as law enforcement professionals, food vendors, hair coloring specialists, painters, cleaners, pet care as well as in home improvement etc.

These vinyl gloves are comfortable to wear and include a rolled cuff for easy removal. 

They are also ideal for people who are allergic to the natural rubber proteins found in latex.

Disposable gloves to stay healthy with you every day
1. Lightweight: Thin and light design without weight.
2. Convenience: Easy to carry without taking up space  
3. Drable: Food grade PE material is not easy to tear
4. Non-slip: Easy grip for slick food

Hand is human's second face
1. Long-term immersion in water
Washing clothes, cooking, and washing dishes for a long time, Soaked in water for a long time, hurting your hands over time.
2. Long-term housework
Long-term chores make your hands rougher.
3. Cleaner hurt your hands
The long-term use of chemical-containing cleaners is very harmful to both hands.

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