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Happy Chinese New Year


At 16:00 on the afternoon of January 16, 2020, the " Remain True to Our Original Aspiration" opened at the Earl Palace. Hebei Yisheng International Trade Co., Ltd.-Zhang Zhengwei; Hebei Shouzheng Technology Co., Ltd.-Wang Lei, Ma Xiaojuan; Hebei Zhongtuo Technology Co., Ltd.-Wang Yilong; Hebei Jinshi Carbon New Material Technology Co., Ltd.-Song Yao and other brother company leaders attended the the performance, and the colleagues who came to the scene felt a strong festive atmosphere from the event.

This evening party combines various elements such as song, dance, sketch, acrobatics, fashion show, etc. The show is exciting and climaxes. The atmosphere of the whole party was lively and brought a shocking visual feast to the leaders, guests and staff. Allow employees to enjoy the show while gaining a touch, a tacit understanding connected with the heart of the company.

Accompanied by the loud gongs and drums, the dance "Flower Blossoms" with blessings kicked off the annual meeting. The whole party lasted for more than 4 hours. It was a wonderful piece close to the company culture. The northeast two turned, the exotic Indian tambourine, the amazing acrobatics, sometimes made people laugh, sometimes intoxicated by the affectionate singing, sometimes moved silently, and sometimes lingered in the exotic dance style.

In wonderful performances, President Wang, President Zhang and President Ma respectively issued certificates to outstanding employees and congratulated them on their outstanding achievements in 2019.

The wonderful performances of the actors, random draws, mini games, the audience laughed, and the atmosphere of the audience reached a climax for a long time.

With the strongest voices of the party issued by President Wang and President Zhang-"Again from the beginning", "On the road", "It will be better tomorrow", the party ended successfully in the cheerful melody of the song trio.

The party enriched the lives of employees and provided a larger stage for the employees. At the same time, the party was closely connected with the actual situation of the company, enhanced the employees' awareness and sense of belonging to the company, and reflected a reliable, value-added, and pleasant corporate culture.

Thank you again for your support, hope your team has great success in 2020
We will back to work on Jan. 30. you can contact me freely if anything, We will reply within 24 hours

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